Welcome to Friendship Christian School

FCS President Jon ShouldersFriendship Christian SchoolWelcome! I’m pleased that you have chosen to investigate Friendship Christian School as an option for your child’s education. Our mission is to partner with parents to provide an excellent education in a Christian environment. As you explore the pages of this web site, you’ll learn how we achieve that mission through academics, athletics, co-curricular activities, events, and service to others. One of our unique strengths as a K3 through 12th grade school is that we offer a program that builds, year after year, on a solid foundation. For example, our kindergarten teachers work with the elementary principal and other lower elementary teachers to map curriculum that prepares students for the next level of instruction. First grade teachers, in turn, work with second grade teachers. This process continues through middle school and high school, culminating with the dual-enrollment classes offered by Cumberland University. Each grade level is a critical piece of the process that graduates a senior equipped and prepared for the demands of a university education. The second part of our mission defines the environment in which we implement our program and compels us to move beyond simply equipping the minds of our students to preparing their hearts. If we have all knowledge, but do not love, we have not been successful in our endeavors. We offer our students the opportunity to experience life in the company of men and women who have chosen to follow Jesus Christ and reflect His love to others, learn that serving others deepens our experience of His love, and find a place to study Scripture, ask questions, and discover Jesus for themselves. One of the best ways to get to know FCS is with a personal visit. I invite you to schedule a day on campus for your student, and encourage you to speak with Terresia Williams, our director of admissions, with any questions. I hope you enjoy discovering the opportunities awaiting your child at Friendship Christian School.

~ Jon Shoulders