Preschool (and Lower Elementary)


K3 and K4 are classes for children who are three, four, or five years old on or before September 30th of the current school year and are potty trained. They learn, investigate, and explore their world through daily activities and instruction provided by highly qualified, dedicated teachers.  The children in these classes have opportunities for play and interaction, creative expression and independent thinking, and instruction in a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

The preschool curriculum, FunShine Express ( provides age-appropriate instruction to support development in the areas of social growth, fine and gross motor skills, and readiness skills.  As part of the comprehensive academic program at FCS, preschool students experience many of the components included in the elementary program:  physical education, computer technology (K4), music, Spanish (K4), and library skills.  They attend weekly chapel with the elementary students and enjoy daily Bible lessons.  The preschool is approved by the Tennessee Department of Education and is under the supervision of the elementary principal.

Enrollment options in the FCS preschool program are two days, three days, or five days per week.  The program follows the regular school calendar.

KINDERGARTEN opens a new world of opportunities and experiences to help children develop readiness skills.  In addition to phonics, math, and reading instruction, children are involved in daily Bible lessons, themes in science, social studies, and language arts.  Some favorite studies include the "Under the Sea" unit, fire safety, and hatching ducks. Learning takes place during structured time, hands-on experiences, and group activities.  Parents have the opportunity to be involved in many class activities as well as attend most class field trips.  Class trips may include visits to the fire department, hospital, an aquarium restaurant, and more!

First grade is the first big milestone in a child's education.  Children are able to build on those readiness skills mastered in kindergarten.  Curriculum consists of a balanced phonics and literature program, an incremental math program, science, social studies, handwriting, and Bible.  First graders are quite eager to face new challenges and find success in daily reinforcement of skill mastery.  The annual Thanksgiving Feast, where the pilgrims and Indians unite, is a first grade tradition.  Class trips to Traveller’s Rest and Belle Meade Mansion are also highlights of the first grade year.

Second grade is a year for students to build on the foundation of skills and concepts they have mastered.  They are able to expand and apply their knowledge to a higher level.  Cursive handwriting, multiplication tables, and many new skills are introduced.  The study of the life cycle of a plant is one of the highlights of second grade.  Children are given the opportunity to see this first-hand during trips to an apple orchard and pumpkin farm.  An annual highlight for second grade is to visit the Wilson County Farm Day and the fairgrounds.