Elementary (3rd - 5th)


Third grade is a pivotal year.  Students must accept the challenge of beginning to assume responsibility for their education.  Teachers assist students to help them become more independent and develop organizational skills.  Building vocabulary and using context to find and use information are among many skills that are practiced by third graders. A strong emphasis is placed on students setting and meeting reading goals.  Highlights of the third grade include visiting local theatrical productions and the Discovery Science Center.

Fourth grade is a great year!  It is a big milestone in their elementary years.  It is a year for sharpening skills and developing more independence.  Fourth graders are engaged in a comprehensive study of Tennessee history.  Highlights in fourth grade include a visit to The Hermitage, Carnton Plantation, The Carter House, and the State Capital.

Fifth grade begins to help students think critically, applying information to real situations.  Fifth graders work independently, and with groups.  Students read more independently, choosing their own books, and trying out new genres.  The students also work on interdisciplinary assignments and projects using novels, science, social studies, math, technology, art, and real life experiences, including participating in a mock community through Junior Achievement’s Biztown project.  Math skills are refined and new ones are introduced.